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  1. Whether FDA application documents can be served as Evidence of Use, if an US trademark application being filed on the basis of intend-to-use, when it is time to submit use evidence?
  2. What is the difference between black-white mark and color mark when filing a new trademark application?
  3. For an US trademark application, can applicant file a response on his/her own, if it was filed by an attorney?
  4. How do applicants define the scope of goods and services when filing a trademark application?
  5. Special attention which should be paid to the claim of exhibition priority in Taiwan.
  6. When the official deadline of a trademark (application) case in Taiwan happens to fall on a national holiday, can it be postponed?
  7. What is "Trademark Coexistence" ?
  8. When a change of address is recorded simultaneously with a trademark renewal in Taiwan, is it necessary to provide a certificate to prove the change of address?
  9. Extra attention which should be paid upon receipt of the amendment notice of goods and services for a trademark application in China.
  10. How long is the publication term after approval for the Canadian Trademark application? Is it extenable?
  11. What is ""Seniority"" ?
  12. Trade mark、"trademark" and "trade-mark", which one is the correct term?
  13. Does USPTO usually issue Official Action(s) to the trademark registration(s) upon filing the Declaration of Use?
  14. I found someone had filed applications of similar marks of my trademarks in other country, and now those applications are published for opposition. I'm not going to enter that country's market in the future. But there are other countries' global trademark layout considerations. Should I filed oppositions against those trademark applications?
  15. Can a registered word trademark extend its protection to a stylized mark of the same words?
  16. What are advantages and disadvantages when a trademark in China is partially rejected?
  17. What if the good/service terms to be filed in a new application are not identical to those indicated in priority document when priority right is claimed for a trademark in Taiwan?
  18. Where a trademark application with human image is filed in Taiwan, it is possible to receive an official notice requesting agreement by the person entitled to the image right for entering the phase of registration. How to deal with this situation?
  19. My company's director and president are the same person, which is me. Can I assign the company's registered Taiwan trademark to myself?
  20. If the assignor and the assignee are foreign companies, but the company representatives of the both sides are the same person, can it be allowed to assign the trademark in Taiwan?
  21. Regarding the trademark application(s) in a country of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN),for example, if a Malaysian trademark application is granted, will it be in favor of the allowance of Indonesian and Vietnamese trademark application for the same trademark?
  22. If a cited mark in China has expired, is it possible to argue that the cited mark has been invalid when filing a response?
  23. If a cited mark in Taiwan has expired, is it possible to argue that the cited mark has been invalid when filing a response?
  24. If my trademark has been filed by trademark squatters in Taiwan, what shall I do?
  25. How long is the cooling-off period in respect of a European Union trademark (EUTM) application?
  26. What is the main difference between the US filing basis of Use in Commerce and Intent to Use?
  27. When a registered mark in Taiwan expired, shall an application of trademark which is similar to the registered mark and filed within one year from the expiry date of said registered mark be rejected?
  28. What is the Notice of Reservation of Decision in the trademark application in Korea?
  29. If a Chinese trademark application is filed by my subsidiary company, will my prior trademark registration be a barrier? What can my company do to make the said new application be registered smoothly?
  30. If receving an official refusal action of a Chinese trademark application, can I consider other trademark strategies at the same time besides filing the response?
  31. If an US trademark application is allowed but the applicant has yet to file SOU (Statement of Use), can the application be transferred?
  32. Time point for DAU (Declaration of Use) submission for Philippine trademarks.
  33. Is trademark coexistence allowed in China?
  34. What are the major Trademarks legislative changes in Canada enforced started from June 17, 2019?
  35. How long is the publication term after approval for the US Trademark application? Is it extendable?
  36. What is the Official Notification confirming the list of goods/services in the trademark application in Ukraine?
  37. Is it necessary to record trademark licensing with the Office in Taiwan?
  38. Can applicant sell the designated goods after his Canadian application was opposed?
  39. The considerations for applying US trademarks in classes 09 and 42
  40. When receving an Official Action in the process of trademark application, which requires to disclaim certain wording in my mark drawing, should I obey the official requirements?
  41. Does the issuance of Official Notification confirming the list of goods/services imply that the involed trademark has been granted in the trademark application in Russia?
  42. Is it mandatory to hire a US trademark attorney for a foreigner filing of US trademarks?
  43. Is it applicable to file US trademark applications via Fax or Paper submission?
  44. What can one benefit from recording his IPR with GACC(General Administration of China Customs)?
  45. Can popular slangs be registered as trademark?
  46. Special attention which should be paid to the claim of color in Finnish trademark application.
  47. During the examination procedure of a trademark application in Ethiopia, if the Trademark Office cites a similar mark under the same Class as the subject mark, can it be overcome by deleting the conflicting goods/services included in the Class?
  48. Upon the completion of a Korean trademark assignment, will KIPO issue an assignment certificate?
  49. Is divisional trademark application (registration) available in Brazil?
  50. What are the reduction rules for the trademark official fees of Philippines?
  51. Is it required to list the designated class(es) and its good(s)/service(s) when filing a business emblem in Korea?
  52. Is official trademark search available in the Trademark Office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ?
  53. Would there be marks which can not be found when a trademark search is conducted in Japan?
  54. Where the name of trademark owner changed, is it required to request a recording of a change in the name, when filing a trademark renewal in Taiwan?
  55. Where a trademark drawing includes English alphabets, shall the form of the mark name, namely uppercase or lowercase letters, be consistent with that included in the drawing?
  56. If an US trademark application receives a Cease & Decease Letter from a third party, can applicant not to respond?
  57. Would a registered Japanese trademark that had not been used for three years in a row or longer be cancelled through a trial in Japan?
  58. Where an Ethiopian trademark application is rejected by the Trademark Office citing a similar trademark in the same class, is the applicant able to overcome the rejection for keeping all the similar goods/services in the same class when filing a response by presenting a trademark coexistence agreement between the owner of the cited mark and them?
  59. What extra attention should be paid when a recordation of change in address is to be filed for a Japanese mark?
  60. Where a mark composed of English letters was rejected in Korea due to a previously filed similar mark, it is possible to raise the chance of being granted registration by filing a new trademark application with Korean letter string transliterated from the English one?
  61. Can signature be replaced with sealing  for power of attorney (POA) for Japanese trademark affairs?
  62. Is it accepted to designate “cake shop” as a service term in terms of Taiwanese trademark application?

  63. Where a mark is filed with recordation of change in name or address after being published after preliminary review but before being registered in China, will the Trademark Office therefore issue a certificate to prove the change?