Q&A【PVIGO eServices】

  1. How can I become a PVIGO user?
  2. Why cannot the website be logged into when basic personal data have been entered and the application has been sent?
  3. What should be done when the letter with the password is received but found to have been opened?
  4. What should be done if my letter or password has been lost?
  5. If the first login period specified in the letter with the password is exceeded and the website cannot be logged into, what should be done?
  6. Do I have to change my password when I log into PVIGO e-Services for the first time?
  7. If there are any questions, how should they be raised?
  8. I don’t know how to operate the website; what should I do?
  9. Why does the message list of “Your authorization is needed to execute JAVA plug-in” appear below the browser’s address bar?