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※ If you have a need to entrust us for a large number of patent renewals management or payment cases, please use Contact Us to leave your information. We will assign the specialist to discuss a special offer with you.

Please fill in the official due date of the payment year correctly. This online service is only for the cases of renewals payment with the official due date within 15 days to 2 years from today. In case we find the period between the official due date and the date of this order placed less than 15 days while paying the fees, our Corporation may reserve the right to accept the entrustment.
Sorry! Since the related fees can not be calculated online, your order can not be placed.Please enter your email in the column below. We will inform you as soon as possible after the error is corrected. Sorry about it!
《 Order not Placed 》Notice
According to the regulations of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), "the patentee eligible for the reduction and exemption for Taiwan Design Patent/ Derivative Design Patent in the first to third years needs not to pay the patent renewals." Therefore, the transaction is closed and no further processing is required.

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