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Patent operations are usually regarded by enterprises as the main means of industrial competitiveness. To create successful patent operations, necessary measures include from the market planning's point of view to continuously develop appropriate product development strategies as well as conduct both quality and quantity patent applications. Successful patent operations require prudent patent assessment firstly, and then obtain the appropriate patent rights by means of purchases of the assignment, licensing or other transactions. To maximize the patent value, the patent rights also need to be maintained properly.

NAIP PVIGO provides clients with a total solution of [Assessment - Assignment - Maintenance] services including pre-assessment of patent assignment, patent assignment registration and patent maintenance after assignment.

Patent Assessment

Patent Case Information Provided

Basing upon clients' needs of patent operations, NAIP provides candidate lists of patent cases for clients to screen. Furthermore, the screened patent case Information, routine progress reports and progress change notices will be also provided to facilitate clients to fully master the patent information and to make precise patent assessments.

Patent Case Analysis

NAIP provides stability analysis or quality analysis of the screened patents to enable clients to fully comprehend patents' capabilities of defending the re-examination and the litigation for invalidation to enhance the quality of patent assignments.

Patent Assignment

  • Patent assignment services of different countries are provided. Besides general assignment of Taiwan and US patents, the services of merger, inheritance, license, sub-license, trust, and security interest setting are also available.
  • The application service of change of power of attorney is provided.

Patent Maintenance

Patent Under Examination
  • To the patents with the agent changed at the same time, services including monitoring subsequent examination progress, forwarding OA response, and payment of patent granted, etc. are provided.
Patent Granted
  • Services of official renewals due date control and renewals payment are provided.
  • Online renewals orders are provided.
  • PVIGO is provided for clients to monitor the processing course, progress and related e-document files of cases entrusted.

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