North America Intellectual Property Corp.

”The Trademark Watch Service” newly launched by NAIP helps your company grasp the dynamics of its own trademarks, and at the same time, it helps you to understand the situation of competitors' trademark registrations and to monitor the possibilities of similar trademarks or infringement in the market. The service not only can in time prevent others from illegally grabbing registered trademarks, but also can collect the information of peer industries’ branding management and development trends, in order to look over and adjust your own business branding management strategies.

Trademark Check Service

  • To retrieve the lists of eligible trademark cases at trademark official websites of different countries in accordance with client’s needs and instructions.
  • According to the instructions by client, to check whether the information of entrusted trademark cases is consistent with the country's trademark official website; and to request the client to confirm the inconsistency in order to ensure the correctness and completeness of the information of trademark cases.

Registered Similar Trademark Watch Service

  • Screening List: After discussion with clients and confirming the scope of monitoring (e.g. country, category and time interval to be monitored, etc.), we will provide the list of trademark cases with initial search in accordance with the monitoring scope to clients to apply or screen.
  • Analysis Report: According to the list of trademark cases entrusted or confirmed by the client, the comparison by category of similar trademarks is made on a case-by- case basis and then an analysis report will be provided to the client to make appropriate decisions.

Newly Filed Similar Trademark Watch Service

  • Periodic Report: According to the scope of monitoring (e.g. country, category and monitoring frequency, etc.) confirmed by the client, the list of trademark cases after search will be provided regularly for the client to screen. Furthermore, an analysis report made by screened cases comparing with similar trademarks will be given to the client for proper decision-making.
  • Change Notice: The list of trademark cases entrusted by the client is monitored case-by-case. All information before and after changes within the period set by the client will be summarized in the list and then is sent to the client to facilitate the appropriate decision-making.

If you want to know more about NAIP Trademark Watch Services, welcome to contact us for further details .