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PVIGO Patent Watch Service

What is Patent Watch?

Patent is the accumulation of knowledge. Patent Watch, by means of an insight into this knowledge database, is able to retrieve the information you are interested in.
Besides routine looking into the technology progress of other competitors, Patent Watch, through data analysis of market trends, will be able to do a comprehensive R&D planning and then finds the product positioning.
Patent Watch is the cornerstone of reaching business operational goals.

When to use Patent Watch?

Patent Watch not only operates in the field of intellectual property.
When managers with ripe life experience still can't gain an insight into consumer psychology, or when the marketing department in communicating with market needs different inspiration, they, by means of Patent Watch, may have an insight into the R&D trend from the market demand point of view, and thus create a patent family from product planning.Patent Watch will inspire civilization.

Why do you need Patent Watch?

"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see."

- Winston Churchill

In the meeting, managers, usually with selfish departmentalism, often interpret data from their own professional points of view and take a stand without coordination. Via a neutral analysis of patent information, PVIGO Patent Watch makes managers facing business operational goals show their professional confidence and say "it's a piece of cake".

Advantage of PVIGO Patent Watch Service

PVIGO Service Items

  • Screening Patent: Based on the agreed screening conditions, the eligible patent list is retrieved from the patent official websites.
  • Official Websites Retrieve: Download more specific information case-by-case from patent official websites.
  • Routine Report: Provide regular up-to-date status of patent information.
  • Change Notice: Change notices will be issued automatically whenever any information updates on official websites are detected.
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