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Renewals Online Order

PVIGO e-Services calculates official due dates of all entrusted patent renewals according to patent laws. Next, we schedule notification deliveries based on members' settings, automatically sending notification to remind members to entrust online. Members make renewal payment via online are entitled to enjoy "Discount for Order Online".

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Patent Docket

In addition to providing complete basic details of the patent (such as title of invention, patent type, application / publication / issuance / patent date(number), patentee / applicant / inventor, claimed priority, current status.), NAIP further allows our members to review the patent progress and renewals as well as billing information and related image files. …more>>

Lookup Patent Image Files

North America Intellectual Property Corp. have been making all patent related documents (including OAs, patent certificates, application documents, invoices and receipts) scanned into e-files, categorizing them into image file archive. PVIGO e-Services allows member to lookup or retrieve these image files with parameters. …more>>

Designate Notification Scheduling

PVIGO e-Services enables members to schedule numerous notifications for patent events, members are allowed to designate all notifications' scheduling. PVIGO e-Services automatically sends notifications to the recipients designated by members.

Notification of Status Update

PVIGO e-Services immediately notify members about updates of application status and post the updates onto customized bulletins synchronously. With this service, members are able to monitor applications' up-to-dates and effectively track and monitor applications.

Patent Budgeting

PVIGO e-Services allows all members to look up communicative e-files of invoicing records, invoices, and receipts. PVIGO e-Services also allows members to browse patent official fee schedules worldwide, for clients to be fully aware of their patent-related expense purposes and to budget for future patent employment.

Link of Related Website

PVIGO e-Services collected IPO and PTO websites as well as patent search links worldwide, classifying them into a webpage for members to locate accurate patent information, instead of being faced with trouble when searching diversified patent information.

Knowledge Management Zone

Knowledge Archive

PVIGO e-Services "Knowledge Archive" includes NAIP professional e-files regarding IP training courses and selected laws collected and conveyed by law researchers, which allows members to use varied parameters like keyword, category of area, segment of use.