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Maintaining High Quality and Efficiency is Our Consistent Attitude

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NAIP Group was founded in 1995. For offering clients quality and efficient patent service, NAIP has been pursuing for innovation and excellence in operation strategy, recruiting, orientation and training, task specification, knowledge managing and system developing, and etc. At present, NAIP has successfully assisted numerous leading high-tech corporations applying patent layout to protect their products.

Patent Applications

Patent Applications

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Trademark Filing Volume


Business Concept

Professional Team

North America Intellectual Property Corp. recruits employees under strict regulations, and in order to upgrade employee’s professional competency, a thorough course of orientation and training is well-applied. NAIP promotes staff members with great performance through complete assessment. Structured with task specification basis, division superiors/leaders pursue the development of expertise, quality, as well as efficiency. To have a more powerful synergetic creativity, all divisions fully cooperate for elevation of proficiency. Powerful professional team in NAIP provides you an exceptional advanced service.

Professional System

North America Intellectual Property Corp. developed a patent management system which build in worldwide patent know-hows and procedure regulations. In addition, for the purpose of promptly and precisely monitoring patent procedure and reducing human errors, automated system consistently be adjusted to meet with the updates of laws and regulations. Furthermore, we provide clients with a safer and more accurate full service.

North America Intellectual Property created Templates for Patent Draft Writing, E-Submission connected with EFS-Web, Auto-Retrieval of patent status from USPTO official website and transfer data into NAIP system, and Analyses on USPTO eoA and other e-features, further promoting quality of customer service.

Strict Quality Control

North America Intellectual Property Corp. designs a sound patent draft QC flow, all patent drafts are not ready to be submitted until senior patent engineer assure the quality of them. Although we have powerful professional system in patent process control, to make sure flow control is flawless, we not only regulate all process operation should be audited, but also requires corresponding units to audit one another.

Knowledge Management

North America Intellectual Property Corp. has organized regulations research team and training team. Regulations research team monitors laws and regulations worldwide and conveys (information) into an easy-to-understand material used for employee’s training, routinely provides employees training course. Meanwhile, in order to assure that all employees is equipped and upgraded with necessary expertise and skills for moving NAIP forward, the training team is responsible for planning and managing employees’ learning program and producing e-courses. Besides, as to knowledge management, supervisors of NAIP tirelessly editing manuals and sharing experience. Thanks to practice of NAIP’s knowledge management, our quality and effective service is consistent, clients can be assured of stable and excellent service forever.