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NAIP PVIGO e-Services

NAIP Group is reputed for 20 years robust experience in systematizing patent management. Equipped with that, we founded "NAIP e-Services" in 2011, restlessly excels ourselves, presenting you a superior comprehensive online professional service panel, "PVIGO e-Services". Our top priority is to build our clients a safe, professional, high-quality and swift professional service website.



Multiple Defense Structure

PVIGO e-Services structured multiple defense measures, for instance, SSL, firewall, IPS, dual anti-virus system…, and other information security measures. Meanwhile, to prevent all types of intrusion and to secure users' safety, for member login, there's a 2-step combination verification.

Confidential Information Control

Confidential Information refers to the patent name, inventor, patentee, administrator and patent engineer of/to the application before its publication. In order to prevent improper leak of unpublished application information, members are required to be approved via certificate before retrieving confidential information.

Authority Control Matrix

When users log in PVIGO website successfully to perform related functions (browse or process), the function's accesses will be verified by "Authority Control" and the clients' patent info users can browse(process) will be sorted out through "Control of Authorized Client". All website info provided to users will be secured under a strict protection by "Authority Control Matrix" mechanism.

Access Control

PVIGO e-Services is well-concerned about that most companies implement regulations regarding "limited access of business-related patent information to employees". To meet clients' regulations, we designed "Access Control of Function Practice" for web administrator to customize all users' access within this website and to conform to information security requirement. Moreover, for lower administrator's workload of this control scheme, we design a system "Role". By applying this system, controlling/monitoring patent status is no longer a task to patent holders.

Authorized Client Control

Under PVIGO e-Services' B2G structure, one commercial member's account is allowed to contain plenty of member companies—for the commercial member to further monitor its users in reviewing (processing) certain information, PVIGO e-Services created "authorized clients" security control system to monitor users' access.


Professional Team

PVIGO e-Services development team consists of our outstanding staff from IT, patent management, and customer service and so on. Team members further pursue excellence in the field of e-business-applied professional service with our 20-year experience of patent automated management.

Professional System

PVIGO e-Services' front (back) platform(s) is/are built up by our senior IT engineers experienced with years of patent management professional system development as well as proficiency in total-system development.


Precise Quality Control

PVIGO e-Services applies rigorous quality inspection on flow planning, UI/function planning, function analysis/design/test, and instruction manual writing in order to establish a risk-free professional service website. In addition, all online functions won't be deliverable until 3 verifications are completed. : IT standard verification, users' function verification, and integration verification.

Data Flow Inspection

PVIGO e-Services' precise system of transaction flow inspection, backup, and recovery assure members' transactions are being processed properly for complete, accurate and timely online order transaction.


Customer-Support by Comprehensive Structure

PVIGO e-Services support comprehensive customer structure. Under this structure, a person is able to manage its subsidiaries by presenting as a business group manager, or manage its own customers by presenting as a patent attorney. Furthermore, it can also register as a PVIGO member by presenting himself or company. PVIGO member can use only one account in the character of "group", "corporate", "patent office" or "individual" to monitor its own patent applications' progress and view online courses.

Online Order / Entrust Us Online

PVIGO e-Services provides member online order (currently Patent Renewals Order Online is available). This service is far more efficient than ordering via phone or email in the past. Moreover, by effectively reducing operation cost, NAIP feedbacks our clients.

Build Customized Panel

PVIGO e-Services allows members to customize inquiry results by setting field sequence, sequencing rules, fields to show and name of fields. Additionally, members are able to export the inquiries as Excel files for the users to analyze and manage.

Set Preset Notification Scheduling

PVIGO e-Services enables members to schedule numerous notifications for patent events, members are allowed to set all notifications' scheduling. PVIGO e-Services automatically sends notifications to the recipients designated by members.