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North America Intellectual Property Corp. (NAIP), with professional patent knowledge and process control experience accumulated for over 20 years, provides clients with a variety of patent renewals services to facilitate clients to choose different service models on their own needs.

Renewals Management and Payment Service
【For clients outside of Taiwan】Validity:2018/12/31
Country Price
Service Charge of Order Online
Discounts USD/Period
United States
$75 3%off $73
$80 3%off $78
$120 3%off $116
United Kingdom
$95 3%off $92
$45 5%off $43
$45 10%off $41
$120 3%off $116
$250 3%off $243
  1. Service charge above is selling price (derived tax isn't included). So the mandate tax shall be covered by your company.
  2. Payment method of this quotation is "your company shall pay the official fees and service charges in advance of the deadline indicated on the invoice before NAIP makes the payment".
  3. Service charge is NOT applicable to divisional application, validation/national phase, or issuance along with 1st renewal payment. In addition, the renewal service provided during or after the grace period is exclusive and will be quoted accordingly.
  4. NAIP will reserve the right of making any adjustment on this quotation after the deadline of validity.
  5. NAIP provides patent renewal payment service over 90 countries throughout the world. Should you need quotations for more countries or/and non-prepayment, please contact our customer service center, our staff will provide you with our service swiftly.

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Service Features

Online Real-time Retrieve

NAIP PVIGO e-Services allow clients to look up the electronic files of processing progress, payment records, invoice contents, and payment receipts, etc. about all entrusted renewals cases. Besides, PVIGO provides clients with the information preview for multi-national official fees of patent renewals.

Automated Renewals Management

To control entrusted patent precisely, NAIP Team has developed an automated renewals management system to ensure all patents effectively controlled under architecture of professionalism and safety.

Reminder Booking Mechanism

In accordance with your customized settings on trigger conditions, recipients, contents and schedules, PVIGO can automatically send out the reminders of the renewals expiration. All reminders will simultaneously be posted onto Individual bulletin board on PVIGO.

Online Renewals Order

Clients who instruct NAIP to proceed to renewals payment via PVIGO not only could save more communication time of emails and calls; but also will be entitled to get at most 10% off service charges.

Apply for Online Renewals Order
Renewals Management Service

Service Features

Case Process Management

  • PVIGO will enter PTO official websites to check the case status to ensure the completeness and correctness of entrusted case information.
  • Clients can use PVIGO to view the important information imported into NAIP database at any time online.

Renewals Reminders

  • To manage the official renewals deadline of cases entrusted.
  • To provide three reminders before the official renewals deadline.
  • To remind clients of ordering next renewals management service prior to the expired date of commission

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