Trademark Types


General trademark.

Certification mark

A sign serves to certify specific quality, precision, material, manufacture method, place of origin, or other characteristics of goods/services of others.

Basic Information

Protection term
10 years from registration date (Trademarks should be renewed every 10 years thereafter by the official deadline).
Multiple-class application
Publication before examination
Examination period
About 18-20 months from filing date.
Publication period for opposition
2 months from publication date.
Payment of registration fee
For the applications filed before June 17, 2019: If no opposition is filed during the “publication period for opposition”, the Office will then issue the Notice of Allowance requiring the applicant to pay the registration fee.
For the applications filed after June 17, 2019: There is no need to pay registration fee.
Issuance of registration certificate
For the applications filed before June 17, 2019: After paying the registration fee before the deadline, registration certificate will be issued.
For the applications filed after June 17, 2019: When the publication period for opposition is ended, the registration certificate will be issued.
Non-use cancellation
Non-use within 3 consecutive years from registration date.
Statement of use
No need to file the Statement of use for the applications filed after June 17, 2019.

Stage Procedure

1. Filing
(1) Documents (information) for filing new trademark application
  • Trademark drawing
Certification mark
  • Trademark drawing
  • Regulation on the use of certification mark
  • Applicants need to prove that they are not engaged in manufacturing, selling, renting, providing or hiring goods or services related to this certification mark.
2. Examination
(1) Documents (information) for response
Trademark Certification mark
3. Grant
(1) Documents (information) for resgistration
Trademark Certification mark
4. Maintenance
Earliest date on which renewals can be filed
6 months before official deadline.
Official deadline for renewals
Every 10 years from registration date.
Grace period for renewals
(1) Documents (information) for renewals
Trademark Certification mark