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Trademark Services | Convey your brand’s value! Ensure your clients stay loyal!

Trademarks are indispensable tools for business branding, advertising and marketing.
By registering your trademarks, you can obtain exclusive rights and help your clients easily identify the unique words or images that represent your goods and/or services.

Trademark Search and Consultation

We assist clients in searching for similar trademarks, providing suggestions on trademark applications and classifications based on these search results, so as to increase the chances of successful trademark applications.

Trademark Registration Applications

In line with our clients' strategies, we can provide a total solution for Taiwanese and other national trademark applications, from filing to registration; including preparing and filing new applications, providing examination reports and responding to them, and arranging payment of registration fees.

Trademark Renewals Control

We can help ensure the maintenance of trademark rights. Well before each renewal due date of trademark registrations, we send regular reminders and facilitate the timely payment of renewal fees.

Trademark Assignment and Licensing

We assist clients in completing all official registration procedures including assignment, partial assignment, exclusive licensing and non-exclusive licensing so as to ensure that the assignee's rights are effectively protected against infringement from third parties.

Trademark Watch

We can also provide detailed information on specific trademarks that clients wish to monitor, with reference to the websites of international trademark offices, including application data (including images), status updates, date when renewal is necessary, to keep clients in the know.

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