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NAIP Group provides you with complete trademark services including trademark search, application, OA reply, grant and the renewals payment to make your important trademark assets the key to corporate profits.

Trademark Search and Consultation

After in-depth interviews with clients to understand the products and service contents, we will help searching for valid similar trademarks applied for or those registered and provide relevant information and analysis to clients in order to enhance the approval rate of trademark registrations.

Trademark Application, OA Reply, and Grant

  • To provide various trademark related services of Taiwan and other countries from application to grant.
  • To provide suggestions for appropriate registration classes and the names of goods and services in accordance with client's branding development and trademark strategy.
  • Whenever any statements of refusal or reply required by OAs, professional legal recommendations will be provided in accordance with the instructions by the client so as to obtain the approval of registration.
  • To provide clients with timely up-to date progress of the trademark application, to allow clients to grasp complete information.

Trademark Renewals Management

  • To utilize our internal system to properly manage the cases of trademark renewals entrusted by clients. We will proactively remind clients of the expiration of trademark rights and help get the renewals payment processed.
  • To actively remind clients and assist those to deliver the evidence of use to the Trademark Office in order to ensure the persistence of clients' important trademark rights to those countries that need the evidence of use.
  • Order Online:Provide one-stop online services from ordering to fee paying so as to simplify the complicated procedures of negotiation, contract signing, and entrustment between the client and the trademark agency, as the most efficient trademark renewals payment service.
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Other Trademark Services

  • To the registered trademark of another party involving infringement on your existing trademark rights, NAIP Group can assist you in raising trademark opposition or invalidation to cancel another party's trademark registration in order to ensure your rights and interests.
  • If another party's registered trademark is deemed to have been unused or improperly used, NAIP Group can assist you in applying for the revocation of the said trademark registration.

If you want to know more about NAIP Group Trademark Services, welcome to contact us for further details.