Trademark Types


General trademark.

Certification mark

A sign serves to certify specific quality, precision, material, manufacture method, place of origin, or other characteristics of goods/services of others.

Collective mark

A sign registered in the name of union, association, or other group with legal personality indicates the goods/services provided by their members.

Defensive trademark

If a trademark has been used so much in relation to all or any of the goods or services for which it is registered that it has become exceptionally well-known in Hong Kong; and use of the registered mark by someone other than the trade mark owner on other goods or services would be likely to detract from its distinctive character in relation to the goods or services for which it has been so used; then the mark may be registered as a defensive trade mark in respect of any or all of those other goods or services, even if there is no intention to use the mark for those goods or services.

Basic Information

Protection term
10 years from filing date (Trademarks should be renewed every 10 years thereafter by the official deadline).
Multiple-class application
Publication before examination
Examination period
About 6 months from filing date.
Publication period for opposition
3 months from publication date.
Payment of registration fee
Issuance of registration certificate
Registration certificate will be issued subsequently.
Non-use cancellation
Non-use within 3 consecutive years from registration date.
Statement of use

Stage Procedure

1. Filing
(1) Documents (information) for filing new trademark application
  • Trademark drawing
  • Priority document and its translation
2. Examination
(1) Documents (information) for response
3. Grant
(1) Documents (information) for resgistration
4. Maintenance
Earliest date on which renewals can be filed
6 months before official deadline.
Official deadline for renewals
Every 10 years from filing date.
Grace period for renewals
(1) Documents (information) for renewals